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Muncul Group, we are hiring!


General Manager Mall



1. Minimum 5 years experience as a GM Mall

2. Maximum age 40 years

3. Have a solid database

4. Revenue oriented

5. Have decisive and wise in character

6. Have a teamwork attitude

7. Understand technical problems in operational mall

8. Accustomed to working quickly, precisely, thoroughly, and under pressure

9. Willing to be placed in Yogyakarta and surroundings


Please send your CV to:


thank you


General Manager


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Posted by Joko Suhendro

Joko Suhendro merupakan Business Partner dari Asuransi Allianz yang sebelumnya adalah mantan karyawan hotel Saat ini Beliau menyalurkan jiwa hoteliernya dengan membuat web bersama Team

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